Asian Confusion

March 1, 2010 at 2:33 am Leave a comment


This dinner was most aptly…and mistakingly named this.  Confusion is exactly what it was.  Food allergies left and right and we could not keep them straight.  Wheat, soy, dairy, vegan.  Oh gourd, was my brain as fried by the end of this meal as the gyozas I served.  The food was great and people seemed to be very happy…nobody died as a result of the confusion and fun was had by all…except me. 

I went home at 4 in the morning with what was left of the wine and an entire caramelized banana cake with all intention of spending my Sunday getting drunk and eating that entire cake in front of the TV.  I placed the cake nicely on the counter and proceeded to take my good friends to the airport.  Oh, the excitement was building on that drive home…cake, wine, movies, cake, cake, wine, and sleep.  As I walked in my door, Gypsy, my friends dog looked at me with THAT look.  The tail between the legs one.  From the front door I saw the broken plate on the kitchen floor.  I felt like “the old man” from “A Christmas Story” when the Bumpass hounds ate the Christmas turkey.  There was nothing left except the shattered plate and dream.  She even ate the plastic!!  Ahhh, the icing on that cake you ask?  The shittiest kind of all.  I had to spend the next three days walking said dog and picking up my cake…so to speak. 

I want a do-over with this dinner!!


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