Dinner and a Movie

Remember those great days at the drive in?  Well let Orgasmo de la Boca step it up a few notches!

Orgasmo de la Boca


Dining with the Muppets!!

-an upscale, family friendly, backyard event

THE CHOW:  Upscale picnic with mixed grill of seafood and smoked meats accompanied by some belly pleasing side dishes.  This is a BYOB event, but a specialty cocktail beaker and basic mixers, along with kids beverage, and ice tea will be provided.  Baskets of movie goodies and popcorn provided for movie snacking.

THE MOVIE:  The Muppet Movie!!  Fun for all ages and a chance for the adults to regress just a bit

WHEN:  Saturday, August 21st @5:30pm/movie at 8:30

WHERE:  Casa de Los Kentos-Westchester-address given 3 days prior

HOW MUCH:  $30PP/$10 for children under 12-BYOB

RSVP NECESSARY!  You may purchase tickets ahead of time at www.muppetfeast.eventbrite.com Please purchase tickets or RSVP by Wednesday the 18th as ticket prices will go up $5 at midnight of that date

You will be sitting on the ground for the event, so please bring a pillow to sit on.  If you would like to bring a LOW chair to sit in during the movie please feel free to bring that as well.  We also recommend a blanket or jacket as it tends to get a bit chilly even here in LA.

I am looking also looking for volunteers for the event.  If you would like to Volunteer, you may do so by emailing Alessandra at orgasmodelaboca@gmail.com

This event is open to the public so please feel free to forward to anyone and everyone.  This is fun for all ages, even if you don’t have a child!  There will be a bar/lounge area for hanging out in!


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Lost in Time-Your next Orgasmo de la Boca

Lost in Time 

—a trip through culinary history with foods inspired by the works of artist Ben White and prepared by Chef Alessandra Innamorato

Orgasmo De La Boca and Blythe

Projects presents:

Lost in Time: a colorful trip through food history

Saturday, May 15th  7-11pm.

 The Food: a wide selection of dishes served both as a buffet and passed hors d’oeuvres and paired with a couple specialty beverages. Featuring the food of Chef Alessandra Innamorato.

 The Artists: Ben White, Mark Schoening, Larry Mullins, and John Andolsek

-Cost: $45/early bird  $50/3 days before

Location: 5797 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232

 RSVP required: orgasmodelaboca@gmail.com

 Purchase tickets at www.lostintime.eventbrite.com

A portion of the procedes go to benefit the Los Angeles Art Association

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Orgasmo de España

This was my first Orgasmo de la Boca in a public space.   I have a new appreciation for those who put on large scale events after not only coordinating food and staff, equipment, preparation, set up, and execution of menu, but for the first time attempting to bring in a musician and some visual arts in the form of projection.   It’s always a learning process and this was a big one. 

The space, High Profile Productions in Culver City was one of the most incredible spaces I have worked in.  Gorgeous, big, and with an awesomely large kitchen.  I felt a lot of pressure for the party to live up to this space and my food to live up to the hype.  This being the first party I did since destroying my thumb on my left hand, which is still in a brace, I was extremely nervous, not to mention clutzy and uncoordinated.   Luckily I had a small army of luscious ladies and one hot bartender to get me through the night. 

I wish I could say the party went off without a hitch, but it never does.   A few issues with the musicians and then the projector not working right, the party definitely lacked in the audio visual part, but luckily my mad skills mad up for in the sensual and belly pleasing portion.   It was also lucky that I have a few other mad skills and was able to do this for the crowd!!

Photos by Mark Wlodarkiewicz and Tricia Romano

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Nothing ever comes easy

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…but I’m going to anyway


 This is a cocktail party I did in Marchl of 2009.  The first I had at my house in Venice Beach.  This was by far one of the most memorable nights I have ever had.  I had 65 people attending and it was a huge success with the most crazy road to get there.

I am by far one of the most organized people there are when it comes to my work, which is why I can pull of the toughest of parties almost single-handed.  The morning of the party I woke at 6 am to start making massive amounts of cream puffs.  Now, it had been a while since I had made pate a choux, the French pastry dough that cream puffs are made from and it didn’t start off well.  I was doing a chocolate cream puff for the first time and for some reason my first 2 batches of dough were runny and didn’t puff.  I start to get flustered and realize I need to go buy more eggs.  In a rush I go running to my front door and trip over a cord.  I go flying head first into the door and knock myself a little cuckoo…and out of my shoes.  I sit stunned for a few minutes and finally make it to the store. 

Cream puffs are done.  My headache starting to subside a bit.  I look through my prep list and decided I am going to do start the fritters.  In my so called organization, I have forgotten to buy the milk and enough eggs for the fritters.  Back to the car, being careful not to trip on cord again.  I am starting to just panic a little bit in that sort of “if this is what my day is like, how is my evening going to go”?  Can I pull it off?   I get that out of my head and just focus on the task at hand.

Jump ahead 3 hours.  It is now 4 in the afternoon and I am at a cleanup point.  Everything is organized and ready to go.  Kitchen counters are clean and cleared of all clutter.  It is now time for a good sweeping and mopping before I take a load off and sass myself up for the evening.  As I am standing in the middle of my kitchen, not touching a thing, I hear a loud popping sound at the same time all my electronics in the house make crazy static like noises.  A split second later I feel what seemed like a bolt of super charged energy go shooting straight through my chest.  It knocks me to my knees and knocks the breath out of me.  I know I have just been electrocuted, but have zero idea how.  Every muscle in my body starts to tense up and within a minute I hear sirens.  I am thinking to myself in all the confusion “how did they know?”  It was at this moment the power went out.  I walk outside my gated yard and into the street.  I live on a fairly busy corner in residential Venice and it was filled with people, fire engines, police, and stopped cars.  I am obviously standing there with a “WTF” look on my face and everyone that sees me starts pointing behind me. 

What I saw next was straight out of a movie and still seems like a dream.  There were flames and black smoke shooting a hundred feet into the sky…about 25 yards from my house.  The house I had just moved into 3 weeks earlier. The house that I had 65 people coming to in less than 3 hours.  A house 2 doors down in the alley had caught fire. I run down the street to make sure that my neighbors were okay and return to my house to sit and wonder if this was going to be a huge disaster.  Will the power come back on?  Am I going to have a heart attack because my muscles are so tense right now I can barely breath?  After about an hour and half the question was “is the power ever going to come back on?” 

I go outside to check with the power company and also to ask them why I got electrocuted standing in the middle of my kitchen while not touching a thing.  What had happened is that the house had caught on fire and burned down the power lines from the transformer.  They fell and hit a chain link fence and sent a giant surge of power through the area…that just decided it was going to ground on me.  Twenty minutes later the power comes back on.  I get dolled up in my best apron and high heels and throw what was one of my best parties ever.  The evening could not have gone any better and I couldn’t have been happier…or sorer.  It took a lot of muscle relaxants to get me through the next few days, but the head injury, the electrocution, the annoying trips to the store were all worth it to see the smiles on my guests faces.

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Asian Confusion


This dinner was most aptly…and mistakingly named this.  Confusion is exactly what it was.  Food allergies left and right and we could not keep them straight.  Wheat, soy, dairy, vegan.  Oh gourd, was my brain as fried by the end of this meal as the gyozas I served.  The food was great and people seemed to be very happy…nobody died as a result of the confusion and fun was had by all…except me. 

I went home at 4 in the morning with what was left of the wine and an entire caramelized banana cake with all intention of spending my Sunday getting drunk and eating that entire cake in front of the TV.  I placed the cake nicely on the counter and proceeded to take my good friends to the airport.  Oh, the excitement was building on that drive home…cake, wine, movies, cake, cake, wine, and sleep.  As I walked in my door, Gypsy, my friends dog looked at me with THAT look.  The tail between the legs one.  From the front door I saw the broken plate on the kitchen floor.  I felt like “the old man” from “A Christmas Story” when the Bumpass hounds ate the Christmas turkey.  There was nothing left except the shattered plate and dream.  She even ate the plastic!!  Ahhh, the icing on that cake you ask?  The shittiest kind of all.  I had to spend the next three days walking said dog and picking up my cake…so to speak. 

I want a do-over with this dinner!!

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Orgasmo de España


I lived in Barcelona for 4 years and want to share my passion for it with you! 

The location will be announced upon payment and three days before the event.  It will be an indoor/outdoor event like most in Spain, so please dress appropriately.   This event is not a sit down dinner, but a cocktail party.   There will be a featured artist and live classical guitar not to be missed, and a surprise performance.

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A taste of Spain









This was the first dinner I did upon my return from Spain.   I spent a year perfecting my Fideau.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is the seafood/pasta equivalent to Paella and IMHO blows it out of the water!   It was such a great experience to share some of my favorite flavors of a place so near to my belly.   There was also a bit of complete experimental cooking and luckily it all came out perfect! 


Photos to follow

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